71-year-old Goldie hawn “annealed” at the party

71-летняя Голди Хоун «отожгла» на вечеринке
The actress impressed the guests with their dances.

Goldie Hawn


Even 10 years ago, Goldie hawn called “the 60-year-old girl” for what
it seemed that time on it did not power. Since then, she is a bit
changed. But the guests of the party on which she showed that not
forgot how to dance, they were just shocked. Out on the dance floor, 71-year-old Goldie,
demonstrating stretching like a ballerina,
danced so famously, as I can not every young beauty.

Your room — the tune from the musical
“Grease,” which she performed with professional dancers — actress
prepared for a charity event her Foundation “Love for children”,
held recently in Beverly hills. The reporter, who was present at
the event, which was impressed by the ease with which the moving
is not young star, wanted to know what is the secret to Goldie. But hawn, who has almost 35 years of living in a civil marriage with Kurt Russell, said that there is no big secret she does not. “I try to do exercise every day. And definitely meditate. If I don’t have a whole
hours of free time, I find at least 15 minutes to sit in silence. But
do it several times a day. The same applies to gymnastics and yoga. I prefer
to deal with during 15 minutes, making “physical pause” in other cases. Besides,
I run, walk a lot, ride a bike, and certainly engaged in dancing…” —
explained Goldie.

As for the power system, allowing it to maintain girlish figure,
then, as told hawn, she’s just
trying not to overeat. “I drink a lot green juices, try to drink more, and eat less. And if I
eat some solid food, I try not to mix different
products. So, if I want protein, I eat a bowl of lentils without adding in
it has too many other things!” — told hawn, which has long been
a vegetarian. “I only wish, I have my children
and grandchildren did not inherit my skills for a healthy lifestyle. And words they also
nothing impossible to explain: they kind of listen, but then forget everything.
The only way to teach them something, to prove the correctness of the image
life I hold personal example!” — says Goldie.