70-year-old Helen Mirren fell on the red carpet in Cannes

70-летняя Хелен Миррен упала на красной дорожке в Каннах

Not only Jennifer Lawrence is accompanied by the failure of red track and various social outlets.

Recently clumsiness in front of the photographers demonstrated a 70-year-old British actress Helen Mirren.

70-летняя Хелен Миррен упала на красной дорожке в Каннах

At the premiere of “the Stranger” at the Cannes film festival the star of the movie “Woman in gold” sprawled on the stairs. It happened during that, as Mirren climbed the stairs of the Festival Palace.

As it turned out, Helen had failed her lace dress the hem of which she was confused.

Need to pay tribute to Helen in their 70 years old woman and looks stunning even from that awkward situation could leave with dignity. After falling to the actress immediately ran over an employee of the festival and helped her to her feet.

Fortunately, the actress was unhurt. Given the age, Helen could break an arm or get a different injury.

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