70-year-old Boris Galkin baptized eight-month-old daughter

70-летний Борис Галкин крестил восьмимесячную дочь Last year the wife of the honored artist of Russia Inna razumihina gave him a charming Anya. Boris Galkin and his wife for several years dreamed of a child. The famous actor shared his story in the transfer of Andrei Malakhov.
70-летний Борис Галкин крестил восьмимесячную дочь

The hero of the next edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” was a 70 year-old Boris Galkin. Last summer the wife of the artist Inna razumihina gave him a lovely daughter Anya. At first, the actor concealed the birth of her daughter, fearing to frighten happiness. Only in September last year, Boris S. shared the happy news in a live TV show. Adorable little girl is now eight months.

The daughter of 70-year-old Boris Galkin was born prematurely

The happy parents loved their kid. “It’s an incomparable feeling, original and one of a kind”, – said Galkin. Actor baby sings songs and says that she gives him strength and energy. The couple had long dreamed about common baby. The couple took several years to achieve.

“The path traveled, it lasted four years. There have been several attempts, but I once easily treated, thought that everything will be fine. The result was the miscarriage, and missed abortion. He was very supportive of me in this moment, patiently… Boris was still the first daughter, she was born in the early 70s and died in the hospital. Her name was Vasilisa,” – said the artist’s wife Razumihin’s.
70-летний Борис Галкин крестил восьмимесячную дочь

After Inna gave birth to a child, she was in medical facility for another nine days. The woman had high blood pressure. “Bob broke down and literally on the second day brought me to the ward box with the words “In silver sewn shirt”, a song from my repertoire. He ordered the author’s baptismal shirt, embroidered with silver, with the name Anna,” said Razumihin’s.

Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked Galkina, who looks like a girl. The actor believes that the child took a lot from both parents.

“She’s similar to Inna and me. Everybody says that a wife there and did not pass by that this is my child… Nothing like it. It sometimes so it’s just like Inna,” shared the actor.
70-летний Борис Галкин крестил восьмимесячную дочь

In the Studio, the program and the former wife of Boris Galkin, Irina Pechernikova. She is sincerely happy for ex-wife. “I was numb with happiness, when I found out about the birth of his daughter,” said the actress. Pechernikova told about the reasons of his parting with Galkin. “Nobody was arguing, just we divorced. Everything was perfect, we lived, in my opinion, very fun. We always had adventures, so what about us you can even write stories,” recalls Irina.

70-летний Борис Галкин крестил восьмимесячную дочь

Boris S. cherishes the gift Vladislav Galkin – the car that the actor gave him in 2007. “Sell certainly never will. I hope that when Anna turns sixteen, she will sit behind the wheel of this car and will drive us Inna the city”, – said the actor. Godparents daughter Galkin began his godson Vladimir Arkhipov, as well as a long-time fan and friend Inna Larissa. “She came from St. Petersburg to my concerts 20 years, we became friends,” says Razumihin’s.

The correspondents also found out that Boris Galkin at least nine godparents of children. In the Pskov region in the village Trehalase zhivet Lyubov heirs which helps the actor.

70-летний Борис Галкин крестил восьмимесячную дочь