7-летняя Пенелопа и 10-летний Мейсон Дисик уже используют маску для лица: поклонники не знают, как и реагировать?!

Kourtney Kardashian December 17, told about the procedure of skin care for the series “Sleep with me on the Harper Bazaar” and said that her two older children are already learning how to care for your skin.
40-year-old Kourtney Kardashian has taught two of his three children, including 10-year-old son Mason, and daughter Penelope, 7 years old, how to enjoy treatment for skin before bedtime, just as, in fact, enjoy herself, and this causes a mixed reaction of fans. Star “to Maintain a relationship with the Kardashian” told about the ritual of skin care, when she appeared on December 17 in the series “Sleep with me” at Harper’s Bazaar, and explained that her children love to take care of your own skin and understand that it is important to do, even at such a young age.
“I just went with them a number of procedures for skin care,” she said about the Mason in the video. “We started with, that made the mask, we did everything, writing the steps, and placed the paper in a drawer in his bathroom and he loves doing it and feels that he cares about his skin. It is important to teach both girls and boys.”

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She also discussed the fact that Penelope, helps her mother. “She likes to do face masks,” said the proud mother. “She followed me all my life, taking care of my skin, and we almost every day we do our hair and makeup for the filming of the show”.
After the video Courtney about her skin care of her children was published, fans have not taken much time to comment on their opinion on Twitter. While some thought that Courtney was the right and necessary to teach their children to care about their own skin, others thought that it inculcates a routine for their children too early.
“I think it’s great that her child learn to care for themselves so early. It will also help to prevent the appearance of pimples in those teenage years when hormones dictate everything,” wrote one of the fans. “Well, let’s be honest, he has such a desire, because you obviously told him this and provided the opportunity,” wrote another fan about Mason. “Honestly, Kourtney Kardashian had to start a line of skin care because she really knows a lot about skin, health, etc.,” wrote a third fan.

Courtney thanked his mother, 64-year-old Kris Jenner vaccinated for it from an early age interest in skin care, and in the video she insisted on how important it is to instill in children the habit of proper care of myself.”

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