7 iconic places in Stockholm for fans of “Eurovision”

7 культовых мест Стокгольма для фанатов «Евровидения»

The main musical competition remains little more than a month. And if you are going to be among the audience, it’s time to buy tickets… the Editors of Woman’s Day together with Visit Sweden has a list of places that will make you fall in love with the Swedish capital.

Erikcsson Globe Arena

85-meter building, the Ericsson Globe – the symbol of the capital of “Eurovision” and the biggest spherical construction in the world, recognizable from any point of the city and even from an airplane. Will take place here competitive battles 10-14 may.

Each semi-final and the final is preceded by two full rehearsal: the tickets are cheaper and easier to find on sale.

There is another undeniable plus of this place is the observation deck. On the edge of the Ericsson Globe slowly creep transparent capsules, which offer amazing views of the city.

How to get there? Address: Globentorget, 2. On the metro to Globen (green line). Don’t forget that the subway in the capital of Sweden is designated by the letter “T”.

The Museum ABBA The Museum

The main city destination in caring for the magnificent four, and in General, I think.

The Museum is very young and informal. And therefore you will not see any harsh grandmothers supervisors or exhibits behind glass. And only a huge number of vinyl records, colorful costumes rock musicians and curious installations.

The “Eurovision” the Museum is preparing a special exhibition “Good Evening Europe”: the original costumes, rare recordings and, of course, six separate areas dedicated to the Swedish winners of Eurovision: ABBA, Herreys, Carole, Charlotte Nilsson (Perrelli), Lauryn and Mons Zelmerlow.

How to get there? Address: Djurgårdsvägen 68, Stockholm. Take the red line to station Karlaplan, then go down the street Narvavägen, cross the bridge to Djurgården and continue straight. The walk will take 15 minutes. Tickets cost 195 CZK; children up to 8 years – 50 CZK. Note: to pay in the Museum only by the card.

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