7 films of Stanislav Govorukhin

7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина The Director has made an enormous contribution to Russian cinema. Stanislav Govorukhin, died June 14 at the age of 82 years. During the active creative work, he made over twenty films, and often appeared on screen as an actor.
7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

Stanislav Govorukhin was often called one of the most daring and original Directors of his time. He was not afraid to experiment with genres, raising sharp social and political issues. As a result, almost every new movie the Director was masterpiece.

Govorukhin himself rarely gave interviews and didn’t like to discuss something besides work. Due to health problems Stanislav ceased to shoot in 2015. However, until recent days, he helped colleagues study scenarios, educating a new generation of filmmakers.

“StarHit” recalls the most striking films made by the Director. Many of them have become classics of Russian cinema.


7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

This tape Stanislav Govorukhin removed together with Boris Durov. And it was decisive not only for the producer but also for the leading role. It was after the release of pictures on the screens of Vladimir Vysotsky gained national popularity.

The film tells about the life of climbers that fall in a snowstorm during the next ascent. Now their fate will largely depend on the strength of a radio operator Volodya, remaining at base camp.

The tape was the beginning of a long friendship Govorukhin and Vladimir Vysotsky. Communicating with fans during concerts, Vladimir Semenova often talked about how important it was to keep this job.

“The Director of this picture we are bound not only friendship, but also long-term creative collaboration. First-the picture, just the first — it was his first painting and my first painting in the sense that I was there as a writer (I first wrote songs in this film, as the author) — I was the author of the text and the author of music” – shared Vysotsky.
7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

After the success of the all-Union film before Stanislav Sergeevich has opened many doors that allowed him to gain greater creative freedom.


7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

Action television series of the film develops in post-war Moscow. Vladimir Sharapov and Gleb Zhiglov should work together to deal with a gang of “Black cat” engaged in robbery around the city. The task is difficult, because the further the investigation progressed the main characters, the more danger surrounds them.

The movie was remarkably popular, and still a lot of fans know it by heart. However, the film was fraught with sad events, because after only a few months after the premiere he died Vladimir Vysotsky.

Later, Govorukhin admitted that he had to rework the original novel “Era of mercy”.

“We had a very strong source, with vivid drama. However, we had to remake the fabric of the story. So, we’ve redesigned the character, Sharapova, because in the book he is a clear antagonist. And, of course, but we made the finals,” said Stanislav in one of the interviews.
7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

The Director did not conceal that the film “meeting Place cannot be changed” has become one of the most important in his career.


7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

In the beginning we mentioned that one of the main creative traits Govorukhin was the versatility. He could take off as a serious drama, and tapes for children. And in both cases the Director is equally thoughtful approach to the realization of creative tasks.

In the early ‘ 80s, Stanislav planned to film the famous work by Mark TWAIN. As a result, he was a powerful three-part film, which was a place for social commentary, and vivid acting.

The main characters are two boys Tom Sawyer and his good friend Huck Finn. Guys are constantly in search of adventures, and one day witness a brutal murder. The crime was committed by Injun Joe, whom the boys still have to face in the future.

Govorukhin has always had a flair for good actors. He discovered many future stars, including, Vladislav Galkin, who played the role of Huckleberry Finn.


7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

Adaptation of another world-famous works. At this time, as the original was taken from the novel by Jules Verne “Children of captain Grant”.

The main character captain Grant sets off on a long journey to establish a settlement on the Islands of the Pacific ocean. However, the man disappears without a trace. At your own risk Edward goes in search of the captain, taking with him his children Mary and Robert.

Here Govorukhin decided on a creative experiment and created an offshoot from the main story, a story about Jules Verne and how he created his famous novel.

The Director had to work with an international crew, and the result was beyond praise. The picture is still considered one of the best adaptations of the immortal works of Jules Verne.


7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

Plenty of work on children’s and youth cinema, Stanislav took a real Thriller. The two-part feature film on the famous novel of Agatha Christie has received praise not only in the USSR but also abroad.

In the center of the story is the company of strangers invited to a mysterious island. Heroes do not know that here their death. A mysterious killer known that each of the guests of the mansion in the past committed a crime, but in the end didn’t bear for it punishment.

The Stanislav Govorukhin noted that the success of the film largely due to the brilliant pumping music that reinforces the effect of suspense.

“Many viewers will not even remember what the music, and she’s brilliant. Its advantage is that it does not distract from the story, but escalate the situation. Besides, we managed to create stunning scenery. All this played into the hands of the film,” admitted the Director in an interview.
7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

Tape really gained national love. Despite the fact that the works of Agatha Christie very often screened the movie “Ten little Indians” was not lost on the competition.


7 главных фильмов Станислава Говорухина

In the 90 years of the work of Stanislav Sergeevich became tougher and uncompromising. Many critics believed that the Director was influenced by the Zeitgeist. Tape “Voroshilovsky shooter” difficult showed the new mood of creative Director, but also in the annals of Russian cinema. So, one of the most influential publications have included the film in the list of top 100 Russian paintings.

The main hero of the tape is retired Ivan Afonin. Learning that his granddaughter brutally raped, he aims by all means to achieve justice.

When it becomes clear that influential criminals will help them to avoid punishment, the man takes the law into her own hands.

Tough and at times touching drama received a whole list of awards. Especially, critics have noted a brilliant game played by Mikhail Ulyanov.


Stanislav Govorukhin really had an incredible flair for future talents. Ready to shoot, he took a chance and took the lead role in the film “Bless the woman” was still an unknown Svetlana Hodchenkova. The Director gave the actress a start in life, providing her first glory.

The film tells about the difficult life of a girl named Faith. She was married to the military, the main character is forced to wander in the small towns, where her husband is sent to serve. She puts up with the constant absence of the beloved, his coldness, and even cheating. Having lost many loved ones and deprived of the opportunity to have children, the Belief still continues to love his chosen.

Strong drama, which details the major milestones in the 30-ies. In addition Khodchenkova in the film played by Aleksandr Baluev, Irina Kupchenko, Inna Churikova and. For their latest incarnation even was awarded the “Nicky”.

Of course, this is not all interesting and brilliant film. Stanislav Govorukhin has worked hard creating one masterpiece after another. In the end, his name forever entered the history of Russian cinema.