69-летняя Татьяна Васильева поразила подтянутым телом на пляже The actress looks gorgeous in swimsuit bandeau. Colleague Tatyana Vasilyeva’s play “the Naked truth” Stanislav Sadalsky showed candid photos of the actress in the microblog. The creative Duo is now on tour in Crimea.

      Well-known actor and showman Stanislav Sadalsky is now in Yalta on tour together with his colleague Tatyana Vasilyeva. Free time stars spend on the Crimean beach. Sadalsky couldn’t resist and showed them to the subscribers of his microblog photo Vasilyeva bikini. 69-year-old actress dressed in swimsuit bandeau. It pays no attention to the photographer, as enthusiastic conversation on the phone.

      “Say, eternal youth is impossible! But Tatyana Vasilyeva refutes this assertion. Well, you see, the girl is right”, – has signed a frame Stanislav.

      Users of the social network was surprised at how Tatiana manages to keep a figure on the eve of his 70th birthday. “Beauty!”, “What is it steep!”, “Classy lady”, “Goddess”, “an Example for all,” “I just adore her, I would have to look at this age” – admired admirers of the Duo Sadalsky Vasilyeva.

      Many followers Stanislav surprised how the woman managed to maintain such a flat stomach and slender legs. Some believe that it is the result of hard training in the gym, while others are of the opinion that a woman has made such forms, resorting to the help of plastic surgeons. She Vasilyev admits that the changed facial features: she rules the shape of the nose, highlighted cheekbones and adjusted the chin. The woman believes that there is nothing wrong in changing your appearance.

      “Sometimes I’m in the subway and spend my experiment: looking for women my age and thinking how I could look. You know, I have a profession-specific, and the other does not occur, and there is no such need. But what opportunities they have, I will never believe! You can buy less sausages, and vitamin injections to accumulate. And most importantly – these results are good,” said the actress.

      Stanislav Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilieva present the play “the Naked truth”. This summer the artists are touring with its program, the cities of the Crimea. “This is a well made, quality Benefis of Tatiana Vasilyeva and Stanislav Sadalsky. It has many new, but more and more favorite and a friend. For example, I can’t imagine now any appearances of Tatiana Grigorievna without “White bird” or the famous “I love you” and “Mirages” performed by Stanislav Yurevich. What they energy, what nerve! They are individually good always, and even a duet! Bravo!”, – so the audience say about the view of the stars.

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