68-летний Ричард Гир женится на девушке вдвое младше его!
Legendary actor preparing for the wedding.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva


Fans of Richard Gere showered him with greetings
getting engaged after his girlfriend 34 — year-old Alejandra Silva — appeared on
the official event ring, the gleaming diamond on the ring
finger. Alejandra, a well-known activist, came along with 68-year-old Gere, a hearing in
the Spanish Senate to participate in the hearings on the question of assistance to the homeless.

That pair is found, it became known in June
2015, the year when the journalists “caught” them on one of the beaches in Italy where
the couple arrived at the film festival Taormina Film Festival. Then Alejandra
was very relaxed and did not hesitate to show their feelings for
Geer. While at social events lovers before
point two, as it turned out, they met, they already
for quite some time. “They managed to keep their relationship secret from reporters almost
a whole year! “said a friend of Silva’s. But since then, as Richad and Alejandra made their relationship
public, they began to regularly appear in public together. Gir even took
Alejandro with him when he flew to Moscow
this fall to participate in the presentation of the International professional
music Awards “BraVo”.

Recall that in the past, Gere was married twice. For the first time on supermodel Cindy Crawford. Their marriage, which lasted from 1987 to 1995-th years, were childless. And
1996 to 2016 years, he was married to actress Carey Lowell, who gave birth to
Gere his only son, Homer,
who is now 17 years old. As for Alejandra, she is already
have been married to a businessman Govinda Fridlandom, from which she also
have a son.