68-year-old Billy Joel became the father of many children

68-летний Билли Джоэл стал многодетным отцом
The singer shared the first photo of the newborn.

68-летний Билли Джоэл стал многодетным отцом

Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick


68-year-old Billy Joel has pleased his fans happy: his 31-year-old
wife Alexis gave birth to another daughter. The baby, which weighed at birth
3 kilos, 265 grams,
reportedly, feels great. And Billy and his wife said that
perfectly happy. Parents gave their little daughter the name Ramey Anne.

That his wife, to meet which he started in 2009, is waiting for
child Joel said recently. Remy, Ann was the second child of Billy and
Alexis, they have another daughter – the case of rose, who was two years.
She was born just a month after my parents ‘ wedding, held in 2015, in the mansion of the singer on long island.
In addition, Joel is also the eldest daughter, 31-year-old Alex, which
the singer gave birth to his second wife Christie Brinkley. Current wife Billie — Alex — was not his first wife. He was married three
times. By the way, as told by the singer, himself, and his eldest daughter
was present at the birth to support Alexis.

Alexis Roderick with his daughter

Photo: @billy.joel.fanpage/Instagram

Billy has managed to share
the first photo of his tiny daughter. Joel hopes that he and Alex easily
to cope with the new addition to your family. Shortly before the appearance of Ramey, Anne into the light,
the singer admitted that the only thing that gives him concern is the prospect
sleepless nights. “I very much hope that when our child is born it will be
to sleep at night. Because our Alexis eldest daughter Della rose not
gives us trouble when we go!” — admitted Joel.