67-летняя Алла Пугачева покорила подписчиков селфи без макияжа

The prima Donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva some time ago, instagram has updated its publication of photographs of her son Harry. Now recently Pugacheva has pleased fans by posting of a selfie in which she is shown completely without makeup, so to speak, in natural form.

Hardly the time to appear in the microblog artist, he gathered a lot of “likes”, and laudatory critical reviews.

Subscribers of Alla joined the debate about whether it was worth the 67-year-old singer to publish this “home” photo, but fans of the band defended her right to do whatever she wants and praised his idol for the courage.

“Thank you for that photo! Once You become dearer through such”bezoruzhnost”!”, “I’m in this picture, noticed how much Christine looks like her. The scene is not so noticeable!”, “Sunny and beautiful! Be healthy and happy!”, “The main thing in the human nature of the soul, the spirit… and me.some.millions of love. for me .and not for looks. just because I’m so… beautiful. especially I love God and someone else…and of course millions. fans)))))))”, “a Golden Allah! And what daring! I would not dare to such a photo without makeup…”, “Very cool,” wrote a follower of the artist.

And how do you think, was it worth the prima Donna to post makeup-free photo?


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