63-year-old wife, Gauguin Solntsev wants her daughter became the surrogate mother of their child

63-летняя жена Гогена Солнцева хочет, чтобы ее дочь стала суррогатной мамой их ребенка Gauguin Solntsev and Catherine Tereshkovich thinking about children. Now the couple are in search of a surrogate mother and do not intend to delay the completion for too long. The role of moms, they consider the daughter of Catherine Tereshkovich.
63-летняя жена Гогена Солнцева хочет, чтобы ее дочь стала суррогатной мамой их ребенка

Passion between the 37-year-old Gauguin Solntsev and 63-year-old Catherine Tereshkovich made a lot of noise. Lovers accused of greed and insincerity, but that didn’t stop them from getting married. And now, after a month and a half after the official marriage, the showman and his fiancee are thinking about the children.

The problem is that to carry a child Catherine can’t, she will not let age and a long operation to remove the uterus. That’s why the couple decided to seek the assistance of a surrogate mother.

“We don’t want to delay this decision since we both are not eternal. Surrogacy isn’t cheap. You will have to pay about three million rubles. Moreover, under existing legislation, a surrogate mother after the birth can leave the child himself. And in the end, when the wrong choice and lose money, and little to lose, so we are very worried”, — shared his thoughts Gauguin in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.
63-летняя жена Гогена Солнцева хочет, чтобы ее дочь стала суррогатной мамой их ребенка

In the end, the couple was thinking about how to handle ambiguous request to an adult daughter, Ekaterina Polina Davydova. She also appeared in the Studio, but at the request of the mother and her new husband responded with a categorical refusal.

As it turned out, Pauline for many years holding a grudge to the mother, because she never engaged in her upbringing.

“All my life I grew up with my mom in my life are rare. She worked for built a personal life. Believe me, Gauguin is not the first of her young lover. Now I have children, but the lives of grandchildren, the mother is absolutely not interested. That’s why I don’t understand why she still children. To throw them? I’m not sure that their marriage will last long, I don’t believe in it,” said Pauline.

She 63-year-old Catherine feels guilty about her daughter. According to the Tereshkovich, mother-in-law, who raised her, turned her against her mother. Gauguin Solntsev admitted that he has been trying to establish relations with the heir of the wife, but she doesn’t make contact. Moreover, Davydova did not come to the wedding scandalous couples despite the fact that he had received the invitation.

Despite the fact that the idea of having a baby few people are encouraged, the spouses do not intend to abandon the plan. “We want the child for himself that our family was complete. I believe that’ll be a good mom and Gauguin will definitely become a great father,” — said Catherine.

While the couple is not considering the option of adoption, because they need to be confident in the good genetics of the child. According to Solntseva, he is willing to spend money on a surrogate mother, if only his fiancee was really happy.