62-летняя Лариса Долина вышла в свет без макияжа Recently a celebrity with her granddaughter visited the festival colleagues on the big stage “Lyme Rendezvous”. Larisa Dolina did not bother about the appearance, because it is on this day, was not invited to the concert and just loving grandmother.
62-летняя Лариса Долина вышла в свет без макияжа

About seven years ago, Larisa Dolina acquired the property in a trendy part of town, so he tries as often as possible to appear in these places. Here, the celebrity can afford to relax and feel like a normal person: do not use decorative cosmetics, walk in comfortable clothes, to walk freely on the streets without worrying that its somewhere around the corner lurks the sneaky paparazzi.

And recently, the Valley still dare to go out “not in the parade.” The singer with her granddaughter Sasha visited the festival colleagues on the big stage Laima Vaikule. The lack of styling, stage makeup, loose dress, — even in this unusual for many the image of the singer without a drop of hesitation posed for photographers. In addition, others could see a celebrity great tattoos on the arm and the leg. Valley decided on them on the advice of daughter angelina. According to celebrity heiress, her body decorated with four mom tattoo.

62-летняя Лариса Долина вышла в свет без макияжа

Larisa Dolina is happy that he can afford to be a long time in Jurmala. The fact that the singer and her granddaughter suffer from diseases of the pulmonary system, so they just need the healing sea air.

“The air is clean, a few minutes’ walk to the sea! Great aura and a sense of calm and peace. The best vacation imaginable! I’m happy that the granddaughter will be a part of your life to spend here on the Amber coast! Yes, and my daughter use the rest in Jurmala, as well as me, because we both inherited inherited chronic bronchitis, and unique purity and nutrient content, Jurmala the air is what will help us get rid of the foe,” the actress shared with the press.

Recall that Larisa Dolina is famous not only for its achievements in the field of music, but also love to weight loss. The singer refers to the category of people who for the sake of the desired slimness constantly have to limit themselves in food. A few years ago very popular among many women used kefir diet, which was highly recommended by the famous actress.

And some time the Valley tired to hold himself in tight rein. “I have long been done with diets. Just tired. I wanted to live in his pleasure. The more I anyone else have nothing to prove. Although sometimes I think to lose a few pounds. But so many different ways today that you can’t decide,” admitted the singer recently.

Larisa Dolina “done” dieting