62-year-old Bruce Willis will once again be “hard nut”

62-летний Брюс Уиллис снова станет «Крепким орешком»
The creators of the franchise I’m afraid that Willis is indispensable.

62-летний Брюс Уиллис снова станет «Крепким орешком»

Bruce Willis


As announced in Hollywood, and has commenced
the new film, which will be another part of the franchise “die hard.” It
be already the sixth movie about a brave COP John McClane, who once again,
for the sixth time and will play Bruce Willis.

Although Willis next March marks the
for 63 years, he is not going to surrender their positions. Bruce is ready to star in
the Thriller, in which he, at least, part of the stunts have to do it yourself. “I am extremely pleased that I was asked
to play in the next “die hard”. I certainly hope that we all
going to be great. But, in truth, the most powerful was the first movie, and the others tried to approach him op as…” — said the actor.

The first time Bruce played his famous
hero in 1988 in film, filmed on
based on the book by Roderick Thorp’s “Nothing lasts forever”. And in the last on
today the movie, he flashed in 2013, this film was called “Die
hard: a Good day to die”.

The new film will reportedly be both
a sequel and a prequel last movie: the first part tells about the youth
character, and the second will unfold in real time. Naturally,
Willis can’t play his younger character. So the filmmakers have
to find an actor worthy to portray Bruce in his youth. But Len Wiseman, who
will become a Director of the new movie, seriously afraid that to find an equivalent replacement
would be nearly impossible.

Bruce Willis in “die hard 2”

Photo: Outnow