61-year-old Russian model, introduced the brand’s underwear

61-летняя российская модель представила марку нижнего белья

Models in the respected age of today will not surprise anyone, yet. 61-year-old Russian model Tatiana Neklyudova starred in the advertising campaign of lingerie brand Petrushka. The company decided to change its policy and views on the market and the buyers offered a collection of lingerie for women of all ages.

61-летняя российская модель представила марку нижнего белья
Of course, in contrast to Western countries, for Russia it is new and it is not known what the public reaction will cause the part of Tatiana in advertising, especially that the brand used to be exclusively young fashion models.

Neklyudova is a model Agency Oldushka, with whom she collaborated for several years. Before that woman made a career in the engineering industry and have spent many years working in the “GIPRORYBFLOT”.
Now Tatiana lives and works in St. Petersburg, she has two adult children and three grandchildren, who, no doubt, proud of my grandmother.