61-летняя Дженис Дикинсон вышла замуж в четвертый раз!
Supermodel of the 70’s found their “soul mate” in the face of a psychiatrist.

Janice Dickinson and Robert Gerner

Photo: Instagram.com

Recently incredibly popular in the 1970-80-ies model Janice Dickinson
played already the fourth wedding. She was the lawful wife of 70-year-old doctor
Robert Gerner, a psychiatrist. About it reported the Internet-the edition people.com.

“I spent nearly half a century,
to find your soul mate. The universe still gave me a wonderful day
when I met Robert, and I am forever grateful. Robert is the best and
the most brilliant man I’ve met in my life!” — said 61-year-old Janice, who had been married three times already and never complained about the lack of Boyfriends.

“I realized I wanted to marry her in two weeks after
we met the first. We were as one, and although I’m very excited
we have registered our relationship, we actually just issued the
that there is going to spend the rest of our lives!” —
commented on the event Garner.

Garner and Dickinson met in 2012, they brought along the son of Jenner,
who knows Janice. The last year has been very difficult for the couple.
At first Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer, and a couple of months ago almost died
Robert. He managed to fall off the roof of a country house, damaging ribs and lung.
However, even these more than unpleasant events are not recaptured Dickinson and Garner
the desire to get married.

As told to Janice, the ceremony, which was
about 100 invited guests, was held in the garden house of one of her friends.
The bride, clad in a dress of ivory with a long train, looked
perfectly happy. Best man was the son of Garner — the one that
introduced Dickinson and her lover. But a bridesmaid daughter
Janice Savannah.