61-летняя Хакамада сильно изменилась

At a social event Irina was very surprised the public with its appearance.

Well-known Russian politician Irina Khakamada recently appeared at a private cocktail party to mark the opening of the summer season, the premium fitness club Sky Club.

Guests of the event were surprised how different the Deputy of the State Duma. Irina like he’s aged 20 years. Apparently, she’s now not the best period.

Dull complexion, dark circles under eyes, deep wrinkles and pigmentation on the face 61-year-old star was visible to the naked eye. Of course, all happens in life. Often famous girl in everyday life does not look like the pages of glossy magazines and red carpets.

Perhaps such changes in appearance of the publicist occurred due to the stresses associated with work. Irina fall, will lead the Moscow group of the growth in the Duma elections.

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