61-year-old Efim Shifrin was a perfect torso

61-летний Ефим Шифрин показал идеальный торс
The actors of the series “Philology” are in great shape.

Efim Shifrin

Heroes of Comedy series “Philology” are not only in
brilliant mental, but also physical form. It was her in the next series
will demonstrate to the audience Efim Shifrin in a bed scene.

Efim Shifrin is in form, which
are the envy of many students of “Philology”. The actor does not hide that does
sports and supports your body in shape. Very soon, viewers of TNT appears
the opportunity to see the muscle stars. So, the scenario Yefim Zalmanovich,
performing the role of teacher Valery Gudkov, having an affair with
teacher of the faculty in the performance of the actress of Violetta Davydovskaya. And
what novel without sex scenes? Not without this episode and the series

According to Violetta Davydovskaya, to star in Frank
the scene with efimom Shifrin was very comfortable: a scene filmed literally from the second
take, without rehearsals.

“Yefim Zalmanovich exceptional partner! He is able to create
this cosy and comfortable atmosphere on the court that he did not feel embarrassed
or something like that — admitted violet. And the entire crew, Director,
contributed to this atmosphere. In General, during the filming of the series Efim Zalmanovich
really joked a lot, literally a lot of jokes, very subtle jokes. I
knew that I had to fend off, but sometimes simply lost. This partnership
of course, I remember”.