60-year-old Linda Hamilton again plays Sarah Connor in the “terminator”

60-year-old Linda Hamilton again plays Sarah Connor in the "terminator" The star has joined the cast of the sixth part of the legendary painting “the Terminator”. Linda was already used to the role of fateful Savior in the first two movies about a cyborg killer. The release date of the tape has not yet named.
60-year-old Linda Hamilton again plays Sarah Connor in the "terminator"

The new film will be a direct continuation of the blockbuster “Terminator”, published a quarter century ago. The Director of one of the most anticipated films will be Tim Miller, who directed “Deadpool”.

The film continues the epic “Terminator 2: judgment day.”, which has been released by James Cameron. Himself a famous Director in this period is working on four episodes of “Avatar”, but it will also follow the film-making process, a trusted Miller.

Linda Hamilton has already played a fatal Savior many years ago. Part in the filming of the first “Terminator” has brought her not only world-famous. The actress met James Cameron, whom she eventually married. They lived together for about 10 years, but only two years were married. Linda and James a daughter Josephine.

Interestingly, after Hamilton Sarah Connor, played the actress, well-known to fans of the series “Game of thrones” — Lena heady and Emilia Clarke.

“We have 50-60 year old men that still kill bad guys, but there is no example for women,” commented Cameron the return of Hamilton.

When the Directors will start shooting, is still unknown. The official release date of the new “Terminator” is also no. Earlier it was reported that filming of the sixth part of the blockbuster will take part Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie will play the role of a man who became the basis for creating a robot T-800. Continuing the story has not been disclosed, but Cameron has informed that it is expected a huge number of lines that link the present, past and future, also in the script will be added new characters. Already announced the casting for the role of 18-year-old heroine.