59-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer has found a way to stay forever young

59-летняя Мишель Пфайффер нашла способ оставаться вечно молодой
The famous actress is still so beautiful that she has no problem with roles.

Michelle Pfeiffer


59-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer in Hollywood anyone not even compare. She
a separate star. Unique and mysterious. Married to the author of the best
TV series of the last decades (but in none of them did not play). Wants
removed, and doesn’t want – refuses. Usually in such cases, and even in
this age (as Michelle herself says, “somewhere very close to 60
years” — what to believe when you see it is absolutely impossible)
Hollywood take up any offer. But Michelle did not have to go on
the compromise: she only needs to blink his wondrous aquamarine
color eye and the role in the best at the moment, the projects belong to her.

And now Michelle after four years of absence
back to the screens. Ease. The children grew up, “fled the nest” and Pfeiffer finally decided to accept the proposals. From the best Directors, it’s worth noting. And all this despite the fact that she always puts family ahead of career and the reputation of a “naughty” actress, which cannot be persuaded to do it if the place and time of shooting are not consistent with the schedule of her son and daughter.

But what about the age? Don’t complain without exception, Hollywood actress, 40 years difficult to get a worthwhile job? But pffeifer this issue does not apply. “To see how old looking
not in the mirror, and on a huge screen — it can have a strong detrimental impact on the psyche. But it is necessary to overcome this “the summit of desperation” to get down safely with
the opposite side, and it becomes much easier to live.
You can completely change the attitude to the problem. “She looks very
young for her age” is the wrong wording. Right
thus, and only thus: “I look good for my age! I don’t have
to be young and to strive to look younger. Not any more!”. This
the approach gives a sense of freedom and relief. I don’t have to look younger than I am, because it has nothing in any way does not change!
You know? In General, personally I overcame the mountain and are on the right
side. And I look in his nearly 60 years is just fine for your
age! (Laughs).

— Since were talking about beauty and age a conversation, I’ll ask: what do you do to stay beautiful?

I stick to a vegan diet. Yeah, not vegetarianskoe, namely
vegan. Two months after I started to eat new, I’ve decreased cholesterol levels by up to 83
item. Improved health and appearance. The skin is radiant, as
the body does not get a lot of toxins that contribute to aging and
the skin and body. The more passes years, since I adhere to
this diet, the clearer it becomes: I’m doing this to extend the life of, well,
and of course, a little for the sake of beauty. (Smiles). But my advice
beginner vegans – don’t rush and don’t scare yourself with the word “forever.”
Let the benefits of veganism to become your main motivators
to stay on this diet. And not something different. Personally, I was easy
because I never really loved meat and anything that contains protein.
Ate only reasons that it is useful and necessary.

And no plastic?

I used to think that I will never go for it. But do not, in my opinion,
never say “never”. Especially with age. Or for what reason.