58-летняя Шэрон Стоун обзавелась новым кавалером The actress was seen in the company of brutal men. Sharon stone beside his companion glowed with happiness. Paparazzi whose lenses have got a couple, hope soon will be able to name a new boyfriend stars.

      58-летняя Шэрон Стоун обзавелась новым кавалером

      It is unlikely that someone will come to mind to name a star “the Basic instinct” Sharon stone old lady. Especially that she breaks all the stereotypes associated with age-related changes. It has no power over this beautiful woman. A few days ago, Sharon stone made a splash with his picture in a swimsuit, showing a trim figure. 58-year-old Sharon stone boasted a perfect figure

      Film star and recently gave reason to say that she has a new novel, and with a brutal hunk. Paparazzi captured Sharon stone in the society of a stranger. High cavalier athletic accompanied by a star in one of the boutiques of Beverly hills, helped carry her shopping bags. The couple photographed and walking down the street, both busy talking and never stopped smiling each other. Companion Sharon stone was obviously trying to amuse the actress, and she cheerfully laughed, listening to his stories. Interesting detail – the boutique, which was attended by the couple, specializiruetsya on selling items for the home that gives reason to assume the existence of a close relationship Sharon and her boyfriend.

      Sharon stone for a long time became the mistress of men’s minds and hearts after starring in the movie “Basic instinct”. However, if the screen actress appeared as a treacherous seductress in ordinary life she would not be too good. After two divorces Sharon never decided on a third marriage and has focused on parenting three adopted children – biological, the actress is not. And only a couple of years ago, stone admitted that ready for a relationship.

      “My children reached the age when I can safely go out on a date. When they were little, I didn’t want to date anyone else. Why you need a bunch of people that will come to disappear?”, – told the star in an interview.

      After some time after this recognition, the public found out about the affair, Sharon stone with actor David DeLuise, which is thirteen years younger than her. However, the relationship lasted only a few months. New choice actress, judging by the photos, it corresponds in age. By the way, paparazzi promise that soon will be called the name of the beloved film star.

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