58-year-old Elena Kondulainen naked in public

58-летняя Елена Кондулайнен обнажится на публике The actress shocked fans with a bold statement. The woman said he plans to appear before the audience with no clothes on the eve of his birthday. Apparently, its a festive concert awaits a Grand spectacle.

      58-летняя Елена Кондулайнен обнажится на публике

      Famous actress Elena Kondulainen, which was called the sex symbol of the USSR, is preparing to celebrate a birthday. The star admits that next Sunday it will be 58 years old. According to the woman, she did not feel at this age. The ninth of April, the celebrity is scheduled to speak at the concert and to introduce the song “Come to me”. According to Elena, it will be really bright room.

      “Approaching the day of the concert. In one of his songs “Come to me” the outfit, what my mother gave birth. Come”, – said Kondulainen in his microblog.
      58-летняя Елена Кондулайнен обнажится на публике

      Elena was accompanied by a recording of spectacular the. Artist languidly looks at the photographer and shows slender legs, lifting the full skirt dresses. The woman is not shy about provocative images and loves to shock the audience. The star of “Hunter” and “one Hundred days before the order” has never denied that one of the main objectives in her life is love. Kondulaynen was four times married, she has two sons, 20 and 30 years. However, the artist is not going to stop there. Elena admitted that she dreams about the third child.

      At the moment, the actress is happily in a relationship with 41-year-old elect Vladimir Kamenshikova. “StarHit” first reported that the celebrity has met a new love.

      Elena Kondulainen had an affair with 41-year-old actor

      “Oleg and Lena met last year at the film festival “Scarlet sails” in Bulgaria, – has told “StarHit” friend Kondulainen. – Both acted in the skit. Masons won her heart by playing his guitar. They were always gone before morning in the parks. Breakfasts and dinners were sit exclusively together. Helen arrived in the capital decided to continue the conversation, she offered to work in pairs. Now on stage, they come together and call themselves a duet of “Cocoon”. The star of the 90’s often recognized on the streets, so with a boyfriend she prefers to be alone at home. There’s making him soup, French meat and cakes. As in the house there is no one to hammer a nail, Oleg helps repair housing. I have not seen my friend so elated! She long could not fall in love, throw away all the expensive gifts from fans. And here’s a child!”