57-year-old Diego Maradona made an offer 28-year-old girl

57-летний Диего Марадона сделал предложение 28-летней девушке 57-year-old Diego Maradona made a proposal to his longtime girlfriend Rocio Oliva. The girl said Yes, but the exact date of the celebration is not reported.
57-летний Диего Марадона сделал предложение 28-летней девушке

Loving 57-year-old Diego Maradona can only envy. After 2003, his wife, Claudia filed for divorce, the press began to appear regularly rumors about the novels of the athlete and his illegitimate children. Some of the heirs, he acknowledged, but refused to communicate with their mothers.

The longest relationship lasted Diego with a former football player Rocio Oliva. Maradona made her an offer in 2014, in conjunction with such an important event for Valentine’s Day. However, after a few months the bride and groom with the scandal broke up.

Then Maradona accused her of stealing, but Rocio was told about the assault the famous football player. Anyway, the kicker was able to make peace, and four years later, Diego once again got down on one knee.

Reportedly friends of the couple, the former footballer made an offer to the chosen one during the celebration of her birthday.

“I’m glad each of you came to my party, because this is my last birthday in the status of a single woman. And I am incredibly glad that our engagement finally took place,” shared joy Rocio after received the long-awaited ring.
57-летний Диего Марадона сделал предложение 28-летней девушке

Apparently, Diego is really determined. Now the player is forced to live in two countries, because recently he joined the Board of the club “Dynamo” from Brest. However, in Belarus, the legend of the sport appears not as often as I would like it to fans. Most of my free time Maradona holds in his native Argentina.

According to fans, that there will be a wedding of two athletes. It is possible that the event will be organized this year, although details of the future of the holiday have not been disclosed. Now Diego and Rocio spend all their time together. So, beloved football legends came to the world Cup in Russia and was accompanied by Maradona everywhere.

According to The Mirror, Diego and Rocio are incredibly excited that their relationship will finally move to a new stage of development. Fans believe that the nearly 30-year age difference will not be an obstacle for the lovers, and soon they will report on the replenishment of the family.