57-year-old David Duchovny barely keep up with his young mistress

57-летний Дэвид Духовны с трудом поспевает за своей молодой любовницей
24-year-old girlfriend of actor trying to attach it to the sport.

David Duchovny


Paparazzi caught in Vancouver with David Duchovny in the company of his
young mistress — Monique Pendelberri. Both were dressed in tracksuits and
went to the gym. And look at David’s was very gloomy. He seems
it is not easy to keep up with young and energetic girlfriend because Monique is a first — class
athlete. When she was a student at the University of California, Pendelberri was
star student women’s soccer team.

David and Monique began Dating in
this year. The first time the paparazzi managed to photograph them together in June. Then
they looked together at a popular restaurant in Malibu, where he stayed for
a romantic dinner by candlelight until late at night. And in October they were again caught
— on a date in Vancouver, where David
filming the new season of “Secret materials”.

With Monique David met quite by accident. The thing
the fact that he just loves freshly squeezed juices from organic, that is
grown without chemicals, vegetables and fruits. And one of the friends of the actor — Khalil
– Rifati — just owns a café, where visitors are treated to just such
drinks. And Monique had recently got a job at this cafe. Duchovny,
who liked the pretty girl, talking to her, and their conversation
over the fact that he invited her to dine with him. Monique could not refuse
charismatic actor.

Curiously, Monique only a few years older than daughter of David
from his ex-wife Tea Leoni. Thea Duchovny was
legally married from 1997 to 2008-th years, raising a daughter, Madeleine, which
it is now 18 years old and the son of kid – he celebrated his 15th birthday. When
Deida wife accused of infidelity, he went
in the clinic to treat painful depending on the sex. After that
Duchovny reconciled with his wife, but not for long – three years later, they again
separated, this time permanently, and to the 2014-th year, finalized my divorce.