56-летняя певица Катя Семенова решила набить тату The singer began life with a clean slate. Instagram Katya Semenova has informed fans that stuffed yourself on wrist tattoo. Fans of the actress enthusiastically greeted by the inscription on her hand.

In the 80-ies Katya Semenova was one of the brightest stars of the Soviet Union. The investigation revealed that 60-70 concerts per month. Fans adored Kate for its simplicity and openness, the singer never suffer stellar disease. In the fall of Semenov in the “million dollar Secret” said Lera Kudryavtseva about the betrayal of a spouse and the struggle with the terrible disease, tuberculosis.

After the broadcast fans supported the singer on the Network. Apparently, Katya Semenova in anticipation of the New year ready to change your life. The artist stuffed a tattoo.

“Sorry, that is still not very nice, but no patience, you want to brag”, – said the singer in Instagram.

The singer recently divorced from her husband Michael, Tereshenko. Cause of discord in the family steel of adultery.

For 25 years, Kate Semenova and Mikhail Tereshenko was considered one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business. The news about the divorce struck fans of the singer. Semenov told about the problems in his personal life on the page in the Network. Her husband’s infidelity, the death of loved ones from cancer and depression: the trials of life stars of the 80s Katya Semenova

“The circus is closed! My ex-husband with his partner. I hope that someday I will be able to wash. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone, so it turned out” – shared his emotions Catherine on Instagram.

The journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe.” found that the crisis in his personal life Semenova was a year ago. All this time Kate tried to save the family, because Michael was the artist for the closest person. Katya Semenova divorced after 25 years of marriage

“I called this woman, told that I was just in shock. I developed reactive depression on the basis of feelings, but the marriage still was trying to save. The petition for divorce was filed then, but the process was suspended. I was hoping, but now intends to forgive. A man can not accidentally change two years. And it’s been two years,” – said Semyonov.

Tereshenko, did not deny his guilt to the singer. Michael tried to explain numerous famous wife of infidelity. “What you write about me here, is the absolute truth. I’m just an idiot. 25 years together, accustomed, began to take happiness for granted. Now see, maybe later,” he met Michael.

Then fans of Semenova have supported their favourite artist. New tattoo fans have also approved and have left hundreds of positive reviews on the page of the artist. “Positively, and that positive, sweet to the soul and eyes. Forward to new adventures!”, “I’m 43, and I never thought that I will want something outrageous, but I saw your tattoo and think, but anything, even very personal. Maybe I should too, right? Do yourself need to decorate, And I have the shark about the same place where you have a happiness”, – said the Network users.