56-летний Квентин Тарантино впервые станет отцом

56-year-old American Director and one of the most famous representatives of postmodernism in cinema Quentin Tarantino for the first time to be a father. His wife, 35-year-old singer Daniela Pic pregnant.

56-летний Квентин Тарантино впервые станет отцом

For many years the Director was an inveterate bachelor and 2018 never been married. To tie the knot, he decided at age 55. Beloved celebrity was the Israeli singer Daniela PIK – the daughter of singer and songwriter Zwick Peak. The couple married in November 2018, a year after the engagement. Sweethearts have had a traditional Jewish ceremony in California. At the wedding Daniel was dressed in a white dress, veil and tiara. The groom chose the classic black suit.

Note that the familiar Tarantino and Daniela was still from 2009. It was then, during a presentation in Israel pictures “Inglourious Basterds”, Tarantino and saw a future wife.

The history of the relationship the couple has not always been smooth. Shortly after Dating they broke up. The novel was short. Tarantino later said in an interview that finally met the person with whom you would like to spend the rest of my life, but was forced to sacrifice his personal relationships for a career. In 2016, Tarantino and the Peak together again and never parted. And in 2017 – announced the engagement and was throwing in honor of this party and invited long-time friends and part-time colleagues and Tarantino in the film pulp fiction, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman.

Now the world was stunned the other news – Tarantino and Daniella Rush are expecting a baby. For both it will be the first-born. Happy news the couple told the publication “People”, nine months after the wedding.

While the pair keep secret the pregnancy and the sex of the baby. We only know that “Danielle and Quentin Tarantino are very glad to announce this news,” emphasizes “People”.

Add Daniela is the daughter of Israeli singer and composer, born in Poland about Zvi Peak. He created several songs for “Eurovision”. So, he wrote the song “Diva” with which Dana international won the contest in 1998. With the song of the authorship of the Peak “Hasta la vista” in 2003, also spoke at the Eurovision song contest the representative of Ukraine Alexander Ponomarev.

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