56-year-old model advertises underwear

56-летняя модель рекламирует нижнее белье

Nicolas Griffin, the age model of Sports Illustrated magazine has decided advertising the swimwear is not limited.

And took the underwear ad. Nicolas was one of the heroines of the special issue of SLiNK magazine, devoted to models of age-related and plus-size (photo – here).

“Young girls are opening a fashion magazine, and this forms their perceptions of the female body, told British model in an interview. – I think that it is very important to show them models of different sizes and ages, as this will help girls to avoid complexes due to the fact that they don’t look like magazine beauties”.

Griffin, which appeared recently in Golden bikini on the cover of Sports Illustrated, about his age says: “When you’re 56 years, you know, it is unknown how much is left, but you look like you look – and it’s time to accept it. When I was young, we worried about their appearance, felt strong pressure, but in the end, I realized that enough is enough. And began to enjoy every day. My new rule is I’m trying to use every opportunity in life to achieve something. I feel that now is my time. Definitely – life after 50 years is just beginning!”

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