56-летний Антонио Бандерас госпитализирован

Sex symbols of old Hollywood. It’s a fact! Because health problems catch up with them more often.

On the days with acute chest pain to the hospital in Surrey (UK) was delivered to Antonio Banderas. Media reported that the star of “Zorro” and “spy Kids” had a heart attack, but the danger had passed and now the health of the actor is not in danger.

He 56-year-old Banderas said that he was feeling much better. also Antonio thanked the doctors for timely help and attention to his person.

I hope to fully restore the health of Antonio will soon in your home in the UK, which he acquired in 2015.

Estate in the town of Cobham paid movie star at $ 3 million. According to Banderas, this house is the place where he can enjoy life: “This house gives me freedom. I ride my bike through the woods, I have wonderful neighbors. And most importantly I was surrounded by nature, I like to watch the deer and foxes that come to my garden”.