54-летняя Вика Цыганова хочет стать участницей «ДОМа-2» Vika Tsyganova surprised fans with plans to go to the TV project “DOM-2”. The singer said that is not going to make love, because she had long happy marriage. Her goal is to help the participants and the host of the show to understand yourself.
54-летняя Вика Цыганова хочет стать участницей «ДОМа-2»

The project “HOUSE-2” has been around for 14 years, and despite the constant dissatisfaction of the haters, the creators manage to keep the ratings at a high level. It turned out, the events taking place in telestroke care about not only fans but also celebrities. So, 54-year-old singer Vika Tsyganova has recently expressed a desire to go on the project.

According to star chanson, she wants to help the young participants find themselves and to understand the relationships.

“Novels with young beauties there to turn I do not plan to. Because her husband do not change. On the contrary, will speak to participants about family values, to talk about Orthodox culture. I want to talk with troubled people who are not like everyone else. See how they live,” said Vic.
54-летняя Вика Цыганова хочет стать участницей «ДОМа-2»

A sudden urge stars to become part of the controversial TV show has surprised the fans. According to them, Tsiganova, with its excellent reputation, just not the place for scandalous TV show. But the actress thinks otherwise. She is sure that can help not only the participants but also to the leading. In particular, Vick is worried about the personal life of Olga Buzova, which still can not find happiness.

“Olga always dresses weird because she wants to attract attention. Sometimes you want these people to comfort, hugged her. I’m sure we will find common language”, — said Tsyganov.

As it turned out, the idea to participate in the TV actress told film Director Valeria Gai-Germanika. The Creator of the controversial films in recent years, became interested in religion, and now works in the Orthodox TV channel.

However, fans suggest Victoria to think carefully about your decision. They fear that participation in the “House-2” will have a negative impact on the relationship of the actress with her husband Vadim. The couple are happy together for almost 30 years, and never gave me reason to doubt the strength of their Union.

She Tsyganov, communicating with Dni.ru not explained exactly when is going to go in the perimeter. Some fans have even come to the conclusion that the star could make a joke about his intentions to attract attention.