54-year-old Tom cruise twisted new novel

54-летний Том Круз закрутил новый роман
Actor Dating a girl 20 years younger than him.

54-летний Том Круз закрутил новый роман

Tom cruise and Rebecca Ferguson in the movie “Mission impossible”


Recently, overseas media
leaked information about the fact that Tom cruise is the new novel. 54-year-old Cruz, who in 2012, the year he divorced his third wife Katie Holmes, began
meet 33-year-old actress Swedish-born Rebecca Ferguson. About it reported in
particular, the publication of the American Star.

Rebecca That met
a long time ago — in 2015, when they starred together in the fifth part of the franchise
“Mission impossible”. Both made each other a lasting impression, but
then their business relationship evolved into a romantic one. The fact that both
I have been busy. Rebecca met at that time with the father his only son Isaac — Ludwig Habergham that
it was a serious long-term relationship.
And Tom were busy flirting with his assistant Emily Thomas.

Tom cruise and Rebecca Ferguson


But since then the situation
changed: Fergusson parted with Kolberga, and the novel Tom and Emily don’t
managed. And when they couple of months ago accidentally met on one
Hollywood get-togethers, among them “have chemistry”. Without attracting
undue attention, they started Dating. And Tom is so enthusiastic about his new
a friend that had ensured that she was given the role in the new film where he
still plays a major role in the sixth part of “Mission…”, which should
to start soon in London.

In fact, it was not
quite a common situation –in fact Cruz, who is also one of the producers
film and the most influential figure in this project, first demanded that
each new part of the franchise he had a new partner. And his desire to work again with Rebecca
has caused first bewilderment of his colleagues. But when her candidacy for the role
Cruz still insisted on the role of Ferguson, which in the movie will have
to play his girlfriend, has been greatly expanded, all guessed what
business. However, now That it is not so carefully hides his relationship with
Rebecca. Lately a couple of times they were seen together, and their meeting
were obviously not of a business character.