53-летняя Жанна Эппле празднует пополнение в семье
The actress revealed the unusual name of the baby.

Zhanna Epple with her grandson

Photo: @epple.ymnaya Instagram Zhanna Epple

The family of Jeanne Epple celebrate the completion. Today it became known that the actress was born grandson, whom she presented to her friends. She did not publicly disclose the details of the birth of the baby. The newborn gave a fancy name Severin.

“Welcome to our home, the North. Comprehend the world as it should be the North — assertive and tight, with your parents We will do everything to get in your way as much as possible difficulties and more warmth and wonderful people. You picked a great family!” — said 53-year-old Epple.

The kid appeared in the family of the eldest son of Jeanne — 26-year-old Potapov. Some time ago he married a girl named angelina, which Epple calls his “daughter”. Recently, the actress touchingly congratulated her on social media. “My girl, happy birthday. Please take care of yourself, be sound, happy, loved, possible, wise, kind and generous. Let always accompany good luck and blessing. The perfect recipe of life. With all my love. Mother,” wrote Jeanne.

Recall that Jeanne has two sons, 26-year-old Potapov and 17-year-old Yefim. Both were born from a civil marriage with the operator Ilya Frez.