53-летняя Алена Свиридова удивила фигурой в бикини The singer is in the Crimea, where he enjoys relaxing, delicious breakfasts and a swim in the Black sea over long distances. Early in the morning, Alena Sviridova took a selfie in a swimsuit, which has caused excitement among many fans to her microblog. The woman showed great figure.

      Popular Russian singer Alena Sviridova spends a hot July in the Crimea, Kerch enjoying the beauty and climate of the Black sea coast. Star settled in a small cottage on the coast, whose Windows offer a beautiful view of the pier and harbour. Alena Sviridova prefer to start every morning with a little exercise. When charging, the singer took a selfie in a bikini and shared it with his subscribers. Bandeau bikini flatters the chest Sviridova.

      “What happiness, when you can go out in a bathing suit, go down to do on the pier exercises, put on your flippers and swim a couple of kilometers. And then a well – earned Breakfast,” has signed a frame a famous singer.

      Fans expressed admiration for the forms Alena and was surprised how much stamina has to make a swim for such long distances.

      The stay singer was overshadowed by a fire, the witness to which she has become. According to the woman, she was ready to take up the hose and start to extinguish the flames, but the Kerch employees of the fire service came on time to the scene of the fire and dismantled his hearth.

      By the way, this is not the first Sviridova bikini for the summer. In early July, Alena posed in a blue swimsuit on photos taken during a walk on a yacht. Star carefully watch their diet and exercise, so don’t look his age. The singer does not eat the bad foods – sausages, sweets, but loves homemade jam. Before taking important pictures and events of her diet disappear bread, butter and honey. Plus, Allen loves to roller skate, bike, swim and walk in the Park.

      Sviridov lives in a civil marriage with David Vardanyan. To formalize the relationship with a man who is younger than her several years, she is in no hurry. “I think that if we come to a mutual realization that we will continue to live together for many years, then, perhaps, we will register our relationship. And yet psychologically there is a loophole that we can at any time, so to speak, undoing. It’s like fear of closed spaces. When there is a way, it’s easier to be in the room than when there is no escape. Maybe it’s a feeling of release that keeps us together,” explained Allen in an interview.

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