52-летняя Жанна Эппле поразила фигурой в бикини The movie and theatre actress shared with fans of the spicy staff. The blonde posted a photo on which poses in the open bathing suit. Zhanna Epple showed subscribers “Instagram” beautiful figure.

Zhanna Epple quite often spoil fans pictures in short tight dresses and skirts above the knee. The woman is not only not shy, but on the contrary, even proud of their body. However, she had nothing to hide or be ashamed – the actress is in good physical shape.

So, with the beginning of Sunny days, the artist has provided a new batch of candid photos taken on the football field. To the naked eye the footage you can see the perfect abs and toned feet of the stars. Jeanne herself did not comment on a photo shoot, leaving the case devoted admirers of her talent.

“A woman full of sexual energy, No words, super!”, “Pretty woman”, “Great photo!”, “Good. You are gorgeous! A great stay!”, “Jeanne, there are no words! Very sexy! In love!” – expressed the delight followers Epple.

It is worth noting that a great body of blonde is not a given, but the result of serious work. Celebrity maintains an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. She often puts in his examples of the right diet consisting of fish, vegetables and fruits. In addition, the actress sits on the site, and is constantly busy with various activities. Star with great awe and respect to yourself and to what makes. “Love your own life” – signed by the artist one of the posts in Instagram.

By the way, before serving hot frame in the account of the women there was a photo with his two sons: 17-year-old Efim and 26-year-old Potapov. Users of the social network noted that she looks the same age as the young people and could easily pass for their friend. Many admitted that they did not expect to see the idols so fresh and taut.

“Wow, Elya, would never say that it is your sons!”, “Are you sure you are not their sister?”, “You look great!”, “There are no words, it seems that the difference between you not more than ten years” – commented the subscribers Epple.

However, despite the enthusiasm of fans, the star herself is not always pleased with their appearance. Recently, the celebrity has posted a post about the fact that its not all like on the pictures. Zhanna Epple highly complex because of the appearance

“Something’s going on with the person. I don’t like myself on all the photos. A stranger stares at me from the photos. Maybe, it is Moscow’s fatigue, maybe age, maybe something else. Most likely, Moscow is fatigue, plus age, plus something else. Need to adapt to live with such a person,” wrote the actress.