52-year-old Sandra Bullock is preparing a secret wedding with the photographer

52-летняя Сандра Баллок готовит тайную свадьбу с фотографом

At the end of 2016, when fans of Sandra Bullock waited for her speedy wedding photographer Brian Randall, Western tabloids reported that the couple is on the verge of breaking up.

Insiders insisted that Brian and Sandra had lost contact for a long time and can not find approach to each other, constantly arguing and fighting.

Of course, such news made their fans worry about their favorite. But today, two months after those messages it is still possible to say that Bullock and Randall more than well.

Environment couple believes that the wedding, which everyone said earlier still held. As expected, the event will be held under a signature stamp “confidentially”.

“Since Brian has never been married, secret wedding is what he really wants. They are Sandra get married, but their marriage is not registered. They are not going to tell everyone that it is illegal. Brian the question of legality do not care — he is happy to do as she pleases Sandra”, — said the informant, and recalled that Bullock had once been married, for which she did not end anything good.