52-летняя Салтыкова разделась перед камерой Singer in excellent physical shape. His 52nd birthday Irina Saltykova noted on the beach in Monaco. Photos of the birthday girl in a swimsuit was struck by users of the social network.
52-летняя Салтыкова разделась перед камерой

Irina Saltykova, the singer netlenki sample 95 years of the last century, “Grey eyes”, may 5, celebrated another birthday. The singer was 52 years. But age is just numbers. Anyway, we can talk about it, looking at the photo of the artist.

Your personal new year Irina met in the company of his daughter on the trendy beach of Monte Carlo. Flowers, gifts and personal greetings behind the scenes, but some of the photos a festive holiday Saltykov was happy to share with Internet users in the social network. Of special interest frame in a bathing suit. The artist was struck by the scenes showing her body. However, he signed the picture as if the daughter took a picture of it by accident.

“Daughter caught by surprise…” – signed his photo in bathing suit birthday girl Irina Saltykova, adding emoticons.

Subscribers were delighted from slim figure in a white bikini, some unashamedly admitted that envy and even forgot to congratulate famous the woman birthday.

“The body of a young girl!”, “You are superb! Forever young!”, “Great body, what can I say, envy!”, “Well, endowed, well, everything: looks, brains, talent! Well, what else can I say to this young lady?”, “Lovely sexy figure. Keep beauty,” wrote Irina Saltykova Network users.

Nee Sapronov Irina is originally from Tula region. She went to the College building, then he entered the correspondence Department of the Moscow state University of Economics, statistics and Informatics. Worked as a Secretary, but dreamed of another life. When Irene was 20, she met her future husband musician Viktor Saltykov, in 1987 gave birth to a daughter Alice, married him. The marriage lasted less than ten years.

When Irina asked about the secrets of her youth and slimness, she almost always responds the same way. The singer believes that the figure she was lucky and her thinness is genetic, Irina did not overeat, but a strict diet is not adhered to. Anyway looks so good only because of its optimism.