52-летняя Алена Апина дала отпор своим обидчикам
Pop star pleased with how it looks at my age.

Alena Apina

Photo: Instagram.com

A barrage of criticism, which struck Alain
Apino immediately after the release of her provocative music video for “Proximity”, has been simmering ever
since. Video Director and photographer who became a master of shocking Aslan Akhmadov,
in less than a week I gained a million hits. Moreover, the meaning of the song no one
go all discussing Nude forms 52-year-old singer,
showing underwear. And opinions, as always, there are divided.

Alone in
love the new ideas Alena and admiration: “the video is cool, the figure
stunning, especially the priest!”, “Alena, thank you for new emotions!”, “Alena,
envy you all, you are beautiful and in great shape!”. While others are trying to shame
singer, they say, to nothing at her age to stand in front of
fans, many don’t even mince words. The very same Allen, not
hide that happy produced effect, her name back in the news, and all
spiteful critics she said in his microblog: “If your opponents have moved on
personal insults, be sure — you won!”.

There were also those who are concerned about the reaction of the daughter
Alena, 16-year-old Xenia, on the clip. They say that the singer will now look his daughter in the eye. But, it turns out that
the words of Alena, Ksenia became the first spectator of the video, not in the calling, and supported the mother. Alain she admits that happy
the look in your age, stresses that it is not a single gram
cellulite, she is without photoshop and promises in the future to show again
your body.