52-летняя Алена Апина пообещала снимать больше «голых» видео The singer is not shy about his body. According to the singer, who recently presented a candid video “Proximity”, it is ready again to demonstrate the charm of the figure, as it believes that looks good. Moreover, the successor Ksenia didn’t see anything vulgar in the work of the mother.

      The recently released clip Alena’s Apinoj “Closeness” has created a furore in the Network. Many users were unhappy that the artist appeared in a new video in provocative underwear. According to followers of the star, 52, is not worth it to wear such things. Moreover, her 14-year-old daughter may be ashamed of such a mother’s job.

      However, as acknowledged by Apina, Xenia almost first look at the new video. According to star, she spent a long time preparing her daughter to ensure that the roller will be quite explicit scenes.

      “40 minutes lasted my foreplay until She said, “Mother, show already that there is.” And when she watched the clip, then fell into a stupor from the fact that I did not see anything wrong,” said Alena.

      Epinoy was important the opinion of the successor. Besides, the star is confident in her attractiveness. It takes care of the body, visiting a beautician, therefore, believes that there are no reasons for prohibiting her to be naked in front of an audience.

      “Believe me, I used to be able to show my body. And in the future will certainly show it because I don’t see any problems – I have no cellulite, I don’t need photoshop. I am what I am,” said Apina.

      According to the artist, in the near future she will continue the collaboration with Director Aslan by ahmedovym. Star 90s, admitted that she has in stock are two songs “Helena” and “the snow Queen”, and also converted one of the old songs, “Suicide”. As reported by the artist Woman.ru at the moment she is working on the track “bond Girl”.

      We will remind that earlier Apina already answered the criticism of the followers, who felt “Closeness” of the clip unworthy of the actress. The woman tried to explain that she doesn’t feel his age, therefore, allows for shooting in such erotic scenes.

      “Your “old age crazy” beat off with one hand! Want a secret? Age does not exist, and I know a lot of other leads… I swear, I tell you very important things! Eh!” – Alain turned to users of social networks. Alena Apina was justified for the “naked ass”