51-летняя Татьяна Овсиенко готовится к рождению ребенка
The singer wants to use a surrogate mother

Tatiana Ovsiyenko

After two years ago the second husband of Tatiana Ovsienko Alexander
Merkulov was released from prison, they immediately married in the Church. That their marriage would be sealed before
God, and that they want a child, the lovers spoke, when the businessman
was still behind bars. In those difficult years, Tatiana did everything that we could and sold the apartment
hired the best lawyers, constantly traveled to a future spouse on a date. Now
when all the worst is over, the lovers decided it was time to have a baby —

“Sasha children think. The husband invites a surrogate mother. Boy or
girl, whatever. Whom God will give”, — the singer admitted in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

By the way, Ovsienko — the grandmother: from Igor, who lives in Miami with his wife, a Brazilian, in 2015, a son was born
Alexander. The actress is worried that her grandson almost did not know Russian language.

“I’ve already bought grandson Pushkin’s fairy tales, collections
Russian folk tales. The son with the daughter-in-law swear: they speak different
languages — Italian, French, English, Portuguese, just not on
Russian. It greatly offends me,” says the singer.