51-year-old Tatiana lutaeva showed looks like without makeup

51-летняя Татьяна Лютаева показала, как выглядит без макияжа
The actress shared the secret of perfect appearance.

Tatiana Lutaeva

Photo: @tanialyutaeva Instagram Tatiana Lutaeva

Tatiana lutaeva demonstrated its admirers of natural beauty. The actress, who just a month will celebrate the 52nd birthday, published online the in the style of “a La Naturelle”. Tatiana appeared before the subscribers without makeup, which caused a lot of rave reviews.

A young and fresh appearance of Tatiana became the subject of discussion of her admirers. Lutaeva, by the way, in comments to the portrait revealed part of the secret of their impeccable appearance. According to the artist, all that is needed in order to be beautiful is the ability to love yourself. “Girls, love and respect yourself! Then certainly you will love the surrounding! And do not envy anybody! Envy steals the soul, beauty, health and luck!” — said Tatiana.

“Looks terrific! Real natural beauty is so rare now!” “An example to follow, admire Tatyana”, “Very beautiful! Thanks for the latest word…” wrote Tatiana.

It is worth noting that the birth of a grandson — Theodore two-and-a-half years ago has greatly changed Lutaeva. Any minute now, freed from work, the artist strives to do with his grandson. Tatiana could easily get the title of “the perfect grandmother”. It supports around Fedor. The actress enthusiastically plays with it in a fun kids games. In addition, the artist leads the grandson to the pool, where they train together.