50-летнюю жену Ильи Резника в бикини сравнили с древнегреческой богиней Irina Romanova revealed a seductive photo taken on the beach in Sochi. Her friends recognized that the woman looks amazing and boasts slender legs.

      50-летнюю жену Ильи Резника в бикини сравнили с древнегреческой богиней

      Famous composer Ilya Reznik went on a vacation with his wife Irina Romanova. The wife of the poet-pescenica – the USSR master of sport in athletics and the General Director of the theatre’s 78-year-old husband. Woman shares photos from vacation on social networks. Friends and acquaintances of the wife of the shochet noted that, in 50 years it doesn’t look his age, as still is the owner of toned slender legs and cheerful smiles.

      The greatest impression on Internet users made a photo Romanova from the beach. She poses in a swimsuit lying on a sun lounger on one of the pebbly beaches in Sochi. Next to the ex-athlete faces a huge fruit platter: watermelon and melon. “An unexpected surprise on the beach. Watermelon and cantaloupe from a mysterious admirer”, – has signed a frame Romanova. Her friends assumed it was Ilya Reznik pleased favorite tasty gifts in Krasnodar region.

      Users of the social network have admired the beauty of Irene, comparing it with the ancient Greek goddess. Among the pictures posted on her page, you can find footage of Ilya Reznik, as well as portraits of Irene, made a songwriter.

      50-летнюю жену Ильи Резника в бикини сравнили с древнегреческой богиней

      Recall that Reznik and Romanov met 18 years ago, but officially able to start only in 2012. The reason for this was problems in divorce the composer from his second wife Muniraj Argimbaeva, who lived in the United States. Under American law, he had to wait until son reaches 21 years of age. “I was waiting for the age of the son, so do not hurry with the divorce. But the time has come to document the absence of our Muniraj family and to fix my relationship with Irina, so I filed for divorce,” said Reznik in an interview.

      According to friends of Irina Romanova, before she met Ilya Rahmielevich, she worked as a masseuse in one of the beauty salons. “Ilya Rahmielevich often called for the Ira, but of procedure it does not go. And why, when such a mistress is at home? Once we arrived at the salon with a huge bouquet of red roses. Just wanted to please. We are all envious!”, – said colleagues Romanova.

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