50-летняя Джанет Джексон родила сына!
The singer first became a mother in 50 years.

Janet and Mr. al man

The famous singer from the Jackson clan, Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child on 3 January 2017. “The birth took place in a calm atmosphere, without any of the health risks Janet or child were not observed. Now the mother is resting,” — said the press representative of the singer. Already know the name of the boy Issia. Jackson gave birth to a baby from her third husband, a businessman from Qatar Mr. al Mana. They met in 2010 at a party to celebrate the opening of a new hotel in Dubai. And got married in 2012. Immediately after this experience Ms. Jackson said that he always wanted to have children. And she fervently hoped that this time she will be able to create a family.

And now in April of 2016, the younger sister of Michael Jackson have announced that their tour is interrupted right in the middle of a scheduled series of concerts, since it is pregnant and wants to focus on this happy event and his family. The father of Janet — 9 children, including the deceased Michael Jackson, beloved brother of Janet. Respectively, and 27 nieces and nephews. It is obvious that the singer is more than ready for their own child and his upbringing. And her father is Jeremija Jackson has already said that if necessary, he is always ready to help her daughter as “the best in the world able to handle diapers”.

Place of birth of the child, and details of pregnancy were not disclosed. Miss Jackson was married twice before his marriage with his current spouse. From 1991 to 2000 for dancer Renee
Elizondo, and the first time her marriage lasted only one year (1984-1985) — musician James Labarge.