50-year-old Chinese woman looks 30 thanks to swimming

50-летняя китаянка выглядит на 30 благодаря плаванию

Looking at pictures of this woman, it is impossible to believe that she has exchanged sixth decade!

Thanks to social networks, of which daily leave the masses heroes news, the world learned about the 50-year-old resident of China’s Henan province. 50-year-old Ye Wen language does not turn to call grandma, because she looks amazing!

Slim body without a gram of fat, tighten the buttocks – pictures of women in bikinis simultaneously shock and delight users.

As it turned out, the path to a healthy way of life Ye start only in 30 years; apparently, it was then her looks forever frozen at that figure. Favorite sports Wen – swimming and fitness. Ye three times a week to the gym and trains hard. In March this year, a woman swam across the Strait of Malacca, and then decided to cross the South Korean Han river (its width reaches kilometers).

Wen is going to continue in the same spirit and hopes that in the 80 years she without hesitation will continue to wear sexy bikini. The secret of beauty and youth, a 50-year-old girl is simple – lead a healthy lifestyle and choose for themselves the activities that will be fun.

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