50-летняя Алика Смехова восхитила идеальной фигурой в купальнике
The actress impressed fans by performing a handstand.

Alika Smekhova

Alika Smekhova never ceases to amaze his fans
a fantastic physical form. To think that the actress in this year
50 years, did not dare to even the most desperate hater. The actress shared with fans a photo taken on vacation. In the picture Sonya, dressed in a swimsuit,
is on the hands. “Good morning, comrades! Start production
the gym! Someone still remembers these callsigns on the radio?” commented
Smekhova publication in the personal microblog.

“That is super! Alik, this is yoga or freestyle
improvisation? Set off!”; “Wow! I can’t do this!”; “This is posh. Well, Olichka,
it is necessary to warn! We train and exhale will not be able! Very cool, just
class!” — wrote in the comments under the post star amazed fans.

Alec has admitted that the secret to her flawless figure is simple:
proper diet, lifestyle, sport — in short, daily work
a. And no miracles! “How do I manage to keep so fit? — told
actress. My secrets are simple. The first and most important is the mode of the day and
healthy eating. The second weekly of discharge, for example, on Wednesday I drink
only unsweetened juice and eat nothing. Of course, it also helps regular activities. I
stopped for yoga and swimming. And plays an important role a positive attitude
to the world and to yourself — a bit of irony. Very helpful!”