50 Cent предлагает себя в качестве спасителя Top Gear

To help Matt LeBlanc program to bring Top Gear to a new level wants to try 50 cent. After a disastrous participation in the program TV presenter and entertainer Chris Evans producers should think about how to attract some sort of superstar that can make the program something new. According to the rapper, he had the strength, after all, about cars he knows everything and more.

“I would love to have a job on Top Gear.I would certainly be able to save the show, but it will cost them a round sum, — said the actor in an interview with the Daily Star. — There is no such car, which I had over the years. My car collection is better than anyone.”

Curtis Jackson (real name of the artist) said that if the producers will continue in the same spirit, they completely ruin the show which has spent so much years and efforts.


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