50 Cent apologized for his autism bullying

50 Cent извинился перед аутистом за свои издевательства

American rapper 50 cent mocked a disabled person at the airport in Cincinnati. 19-year-old Andy Perel is an employee of the airport, which recently turned out to be a musician. Seeing the boyfriend, the rapper began to make fun of him, commenting on his condition. Curtis (real name of the artist) suggested that the guy was under the influence of drugs, because his actions were not plastic, and the pupils dilated. A video of his mockery by 50 cent was published on their social media accounts.

As it turned out, a special state Farela was not due to his addiction to drugs, and the fact that he is disabled. The guy suffers from autism.

On hearing this, 50 cent immediately publicly apologized to Andrew and his parents: “I personally apologized to him and his family”, – commented on the scandal, the famous singer, also of otitis that he didn’t want to humiliate the young man or the disabled community, “which is a source of great power in America”.

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