50 Cent и Джерард Батлер сыграют в криминальном триллере

50 Cent and Gerard Butler are preparing to present us a real men’s movie. The production company of actor G-BASE is the implementation of the project called “Den of robbers” (Den of Thieves).

Starring in the crime Thriller will be performed by Curtis Jackson (real name of 50 Cent) and Gerard Butler.

The Director and screenwriter of the film, will perform Christian Gudegast in collaboration with Paul Loirinha.

“Den of thieves” tells the story of the interaction of the sheriffs of the County of Los Angeles with a gang of criminals specialized in robbing banks, which is going on the next large thing. 50 Cent will play a gang member named Anson. Butler got the role of a corrupt COP — “Big nick” Flanagan.

Shooting the Thriller is expected to start in January 2017. The opening date is not determined.