5-year-old Sasha Plushenko were a fan club in Japan

У 5-летнего Саши Плющенко появился фан-клуб в Японии
Son Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya with pomp met in Tokyo.

Photo: Instagram

In Russia, few people believe in the success and abilities of Sasha Plushenko, but in other countries no doubt, the boy has a great future. In Japan, for example, even a fan club of 5-year-old figure skater!

No senior Plushenko, who is incredibly popular in Asia, nor his wife, producer Yana Rudkovskaya, was not aware of the existence of this club while a crowd of fans met the boy at the airport with soft toys and banners that read “Sasha”.

“It was an unexpected meeting at the airport, — says Yana Rudkovskaya. — Could we ever imagine that our son’s Sanecki in 5 years will be a fan club in Japan? Thank you, amazing Japanese girls!”

Sasha arrived in Tokyo with his mother to participate in the show, Evgeni Plushenko, which will be held in Japan. Exclusive room in the presentation of “Fantasy on ice” will be a real “highlight” of the program. Father and son had once presented this dance to the public, and he made the audience an indelible impression.

It is worth noting that, perhaps, to any young athlete there is no such as close attention as the son of Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko. The boy’s parents — Jan and Eugenia — were accused that they “tortured child”, “raising him wrong”, but against the facts will not argue that Alexander really passionate about figure skating and, most likely, is doomed to repeat the future of his famous father. The boy trains every day on the ice and has already won its first gold medal. However, it happened during the Cup competitions Evgeni Plushenko, which, of course, has caused a “storm” in the Network. Internet users discussed that, supposedly, all the competitions were organized precisely in order to the boy a medal. But Plushenko Sr. assured the public that the competition was completely honest, and rewards the children received in their abilities.