5 способов украсить новогоднюю елку от ведущей «Идеального ремонта»
Tips decoration gives the star of the First channel.

5 способов украсить новогоднюю елку от ведущей «Идеального ремонта»

Natalia Barbier

the year is getting closer, which means it’s time to do a major house decoration — Christmas
tree. Leading a “Perfect repair” on the First channel Natalia Barbier shared
five original ways to decorate the forest beauty.

the tree does not exist, says Barbier. — Even if someone has something to advise
talking about trends — all this is nonsense. If the tree makes you happy, so she
already wonderful. So don’t listen to anyone. However, there is
main types of, styles of decorating Christmas trees. We talk about them.

Retro tree

my favorite and the all familiar tree, one that is decorated with old Russian
or Soviet toys. I decorated her cardboard toys 50 years. For
me is memories of my childhood, my childhood, my parents, on the first
Soviet trees. To create this style helps the remaining houses of the old toys.
And if not at home, they are easy to find at a flea market. Now of great interest
the theme of old toys all countries of the world. This Christmas tree I decorated cardboard
birds. For this type of Soviet Christmas tree (we must always remember that toys are not
enough) the typical decorations of candy on strings. And this tradition can
to return it because it’s beautiful. It can be berries, for example, cut
Rowan branch will look beautiful.

5 способов украсить новогоднюю елку от ведущей «Идеального ремонта»

Scandinavian eco-tree

no alien to the nature of materials. For example, the garland of twine, wrapped
around the different color cones of spruce. Toys simple type –
wood or clay. It can be horses, Christmas trees, snowmen. Similar
the type of tree is good for country houses, cottages. Ideal for a family that has children:
kids or Pets – tree can be dropped as much as anything, it all
still nothing to break.

5 способов украсить новогоднюю елку от ведущей «Идеального ремонта»

Bourgeois tree

thick and very rich decor, where the branches almost invisible branches – only toys.
It is a tradition of Victorian England. When the tree is less important than the composition
which it forms. And toys should be luxurious. On the branches a lot of bows and
artificial flowers. Many toys that are made of fabric, beads, silk.
Shades, from Burgundy to pink or blue (although the latter is now not
quite in Vogue).

5 способов украсить новогоднюю елку от ведущей «Идеального ремонта»

Bohemian tree

needs to be monochrome. Here I used only one subject, for example, silver
and glass. More than anything, there are no bright colors. But in General, it turns out
boring: the tree looks very stylish, glamorous.

Avant-garde tree.

cutting metal, plastic, iron, steel elements. This tree public