5 trends in kitchen design interior

5 трендов в дизайне кухонных интерьеров

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and from the decorated kitchen space, largely depends on the atmosphere of the interior. We talked with the designer Elena Krylova to learn what features of the design of the kitchen space today are at the peak of interior fashion.

5 trends in kitchen design interior

And, of course, do not neglect to consider the location of kitchen furniture. Remember the triangle rule: first have the fridge, then a small work surface, hereinafter — the sink (preferably 2-3 sections for drying), the main surface where you will prepare, and finally the hob. If possible, complete this series is another work surface.

Dishwasher is under the work surface to the right of the sink, over the sink cabinets for drying dishes.

For a large kitchen suitable kitchen island. He will perform the function of the bar and another working surface.

As for kitchen appliances, it is better to use the built-in.

5 трендов в дизайне кухонных интерьеров

4. Color and style

Decision style of the kitchens is directly dependent on the design of the interior. Speaking of fashion trends, today fashion turquoise, blue and pink shades as accents and as separate colors. Gracefully will look in the interior of the kitchen and shades of blue, green and transitions them into each other.

The color plays in Duo with the metal.

5 трендов в дизайне кухонных интерьеров

5. Details

The interior of the kitchen becomes a full room, so he is also filling decor. Don’t be surprised to see in kitchen interior carpets, curtains, original chandeliers.

Of course, to place the carpet in the work area correctly, but in the dining room — quite appropriate. The same applies to the curtains. Heavy curtains will be ridiculous to look in the interior of the working zone, while gracefully decorate the window of the kitchen.

It is also important to consider that the fabric has had a stain-resistant coating.

Also don’t be afraid to use the kitchen crystal. This luxurious piece will give a special atmosphere to your interior in classic style.

And to transform the kitchen in a Scandinavian style or loft style can help modern bright chairs.

Do not be afraid of transformations! Nice repair!

Thank you for your assistance in creating the material interior designer Elena Krylov.

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