5 советов, как спастись дома от жары

If the air conditioner does not protect from sultry summer, the architect Kira Salmanova recommends your simple ways how to cool the house.

5 советов, как спастись дома от жары


The first and most obvious tip — shuttered Windows. Blackout curtains and blinds give the apartment to overheat. Today, by the way, there are “smart Windows”, which are darker in bright light. However, the value of such innovations is appropriate.

But the doors need to open at night and during the day — close, keeping the cool in one of the rooms. If your apartment is air conditioning only in one room, then close the Windows and open all interior doors. The air in the entire apartment will soon become cool.

If you are a fan, install it near the bowl with ice. Directed air flow will cool and moisturize the room.

5 советов, как спастись дома от жары


If we are talking about bedroom, it is a great cooling option would be a silk linen. But the popular way to cool your sheets in the freezer for anything, except a cold, will not.

5 советов, как спастись дома от жары


If in the evening at home hot, consider replacing lamps with energy saving or led. They give off much less heat into the air, unlike incandescent lamps.

5 советов, как спастись дома от жары


If you have a lot of textiles or carpets, it is better to remove the heat. The cold floor is much nicer in the summer, and the dust flying from the open Windows, will not settle on the pile.

5 советов, как спастись дома от жары


If you started a repair right now, choosing “cool” colors for walls, note the blue, green, and blue shades. By the way, psychologists proved that green has on the body a cooling effect that helps to maintain it in good shape. Don’t want to paint the walls? Then add to the interior more greens.

And better drive out of town! How to build the perfect country house, we will tell in the following article.

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