5 scandals from the life of Nikas Safronov

5 скандалов из жизни Никаса Сафронова
For the 60th anniversary of the famous artist portal 7days.ru remember a few sensational stories that discussed its supporters and opponents.

5 скандалов из жизни Никаса Сафронова

Nikas Safronov

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Only what the stories did not connect the name of Nikas Safronov! Then in the 1990s on the cover of the popular “yellow” weekly appears his photo with a famous actress — in the style of “Nude”. In the early 2000s, the artist accuse that his portraits are just photos coated on top of paint. In the mid-2000s sweeps rumor that the Hermitage had bought three works of Safronov and Director of the Museum publicly denies it… no matter What the rumors around the name of the artist arose, they willingly repeated. We also recall the stories that are told to “7D”. For example, about where he got the money to buy his first apartment.

5 скандалов из жизни Никаса Сафронова

History 1. Earning their own housing black marketeering

Nikas Safronov your way to glory started with a modest position as a theater designer in the theatre of panevėžys, where he arrived after the army. Then he moved to Vilnius, where he enrolled in the art Institute. And to support herself, began to paint. Life removable
Lithuanian apartment was difficult. “Come, drunk
the owner was lying on the floor, you quietly escort, because if
hunt kick up the backside, he will sober up and kick you out cheap housing,”
recalled Safronov. Every day, aspiring artist thought
of their own homes. Finally, in the fourth year his “autumn”. He took an academic leave… and was engaged in black marketeering. Savings from the sale of the first paintings Safronov invested in the purchase of fashion items. “Purchased
in Poland fakes — “Italian” and “American” jeans, jackets, boots,
the dress I sold in Moscow and Ulyanovsk. I all was well. For
eight months earned on the flat, a motorbike and some leather jackets”, —
admitted “7 D” artist.

Story 2. Ran away from his first wife during the honey month

5 скандалов из жизни Никаса Сафронова

In the early 1980s Nikas came to conquer Moscow. Lived in a rented communal apartment on a Warm Mill. And soon met with the Yugoslav student Dragani — girl from a wealthy family, who was a student
at the Sorbonne the faculty of Philology and came to Moscow with tourists as a translator. According to the memoirs of painting, she was very far from ideal. “My woman should be a brunette, a little
the Italian, with a biblical face, hot to the fire in her eyes, recalls
artist. — And Dragana were eyes like the eyes blue and calm, the white hair, itself without passions… But I am buoyed up passion she had kept
virginity, and I wanted to be her first man”. In 1984 they
signed the Griboedov registry office in Moscow, the second wedding was arranged in Paris for the relatives of the bride. “And the long-awaited wedding night, said
Nikas. — After a week I absolutely did not want. Feel impotent. In
overall, a nightmare”. In the same year, while vacationing with his young wife at Villa Dragana in
Yugoslavia, Safronov left her, and then divorced.

Story 3. Cheated on the Scottish with American

In 1985, Nikas met in Moscow with Angela from Scotland. She was tall, slim, smart and sexy girl. Spoil their relationship is only one detail. “She constantly talked about her boyfriend, who remained in England
and she’s really bored, — recalled the artist. To hear these stories
was unbearable”. Nikas decided to make her forget about that guy. “I went to the extreme:
invited to his shop, drink, his clothes were torn and roughly took, —
Safronov confessed. — It was a desperate, crazy, dangerous to step on
today I would not dare under any circumstances. Women
mysterious nature. It turns out that such pressure was waiting for my foreigner”.
From that day on, Angela, according to the artist, fell in love with him like a cat. She came to him literally in everything. “But I was a young hot stupid,” bitterly recalled. I hold on to
Angela and I began to cheat on her with American — little fidgety
the lapwing”. The American proved to be tricky: we have contacted the competitor that allegedly
Safronov expects from the child. This letter and put an end to the relationship
Nikas and Angela. “Many years later remember it as about the biggest
lost love” — confessed artist Nikas Safronov.

Story 4. Won the court at rostovchanki, who accused him of rape

5 скандалов из жизни Никаса Сафронова

In February 2012 Nikas Safronov was the star of all the scandalous media: Irina guest house Mary vosganian accused famous
portraitist in the brutal rape! According to the girl, the painters offered to paint her portrait. “He invited me to
the room, and I, naive fool, believe the famous person. And he gave me
his book, and some animal awoke in him! I sat on the couch, he pushed
me: “Let’s get undressed!” I wanted to hide in the shower, but not in time”. In
the evidence showed the victim several photographs where she was captured
together with the artist with a smile on his face. Safronov immediately filed in the Savelovsky court the claim “About protection of honour,
dignity and business reputation” — and demanded that Voskanyan refutation and payment of 10 million rubles. The standoff ended in April of the same year the victory of Nikas:
the court ruled that the girl should pay 300 thousand Safronov

Story 5. Italian wife nearly left Safronov “without pants”

Second official marriage of Nikas Safronov with Italian Francesca officially lasted 13 years. Although, as the artist said, most of this time, the spouses lived separately. Their relationship began in 1990 at an exhibition in London. Love was passionate, they were married, married. Nikas was happy to know that she is pregnant… Their son Stefano (the boy was named after his father Nikas — Stepan), born in Italy, was four months old when Nikas zasobiralis in Russia. “I needed to renew visas. But Francesca didn’t want me to go, was hysterical, screaming that I throw it at a difficult time, the child is very small. I could not remain in Italy legally.” In the end, the relationship soured, Francesca decided that they Nikas with no common future. Officially divorce they did not, Safronov promised to provide for his wife and son.

“This continued
for many years, while his wife did not know I was not the poor artist —
Nikas recalls. — She immediately had counselors that recommended with
me to get a divorce and all my movable, immovable property and money to divide. I
Francesca leaped hungrily, she began to fuss”. Wife Italian woman wanted to file for divorce in the UK, where
the court in the divorce is always on the side of the woman. However Nikas with the help of a lawyer convinced his wife that they immediately become aware that she broke the law: “the Money I gave her large, and she
did not pay taxes and yet, having moved from Italy to England, was presented in
social services a single mother and received assistance from the state”. On
English law is a serious crime. Frightened,
Francesca gave me the divorce Safronov in Moscow, where they
registered marriage.

Now Stefano 24 years. For many years Francesca did not give Nikas to see him. But when the son grew up, Safronov invited him to his exhibition in London — the guy was amazed that he had long been convinced that dad’s a loser, and it is not so! Since then, the father and the son communicate. There is Nikas and three illegitimate sons: 31-year-old Alexander — he lives in Lithuania, 25-year-old Luke lives in Moscow and 17-year-old landin lives in Australia.

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